Thursday, 23 September 2010

Full page add in 2000ad Megazine

Well the final image for the book covers is done and out in 2000ad Megazine issue 310 (I think) but if you cant (or dont want to) get the Meg, here is an image of the full page add.

The image is made up of the Lobster pot and sabre of the first book with the helmet, tulwar and arquebus of the second book.
All the "bits" were then re positioned and re lit and then sat on a basic blue background with plenty od space top and bottom for any text. Pye Parr then went in and repainted the blue to make it look like the objects were sat on heavy cloth and picked out some of the edges to bring them out. He then added all the text and book covers etc

A nice job I think you will agree!