Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sniper 4

So, now it has been announced officially I can let on that for the last year I have been a level monkey (yup, that is what we call ourselves) on Sniper Elite 4 Italia - or Morally Bankrupt Shoot 'em in the Head 4: Italia as I like to call it.

I have been working on the final level with two other artists; Wiggz is lead and Andrea is texture and materials genius. Apparently I still cannot show any images of my work "in case you get poached" - like that is gonna happen... I am not being down on myself or my skills its just that I have also been working with a very talented VFX house called Gelato FX based in Manchester who have been using the Asura game engine for sequences in the upcoming "Greatest Raids Series 2" telly series that is going out around Christmas I think on the National Geographic Channel.

Series one had the CG bits done by Antimatter Games in Cornwall using an old game engine, for series 2 they wanted a new effects house and an engine that was a little bit more up to date...

I have worked in TV graphics in the past but spent the last 15 years in games. It was intriguing to find how much the technique and tech of VFX and Games has diverged even though they use the same basic tools.