Alien vs Predator III

"I am the plant guy: I do the plants"

About half way through the development of the Aliens versus Predator 3 game I was given the "botanicals" system to play with as it was thought it better if one artist took over all plant duties rather than each level artist making their own. As well as creating new, more optimised plants and grasses I overhauled those already created and then pushed the plant system into areas it was never intended to go such as pipes, panels, kipple and rubbish. You see at this time the game engine did not have any way of instancing objects other than through the plant system. This had many interesting quirks and idiosyncracies as it was legacy code from a company Rebellion bought out that was deemed too dirty to be upgraded.

Here are some of the results of my year in the Jungle and other off world places. The animated gifs show the environment as it was handed to me by the level artist and then after my botanical pass. Click the images for a larger view.

At the bottom of the page you can also see a couple of low-ish (sub 400) poly objects made for the Labs level

Game Start: Predator landing site.

Jungle swamp

Pathe to the Labs

Operating on Alien hide takes more than just a scalpel

Face huggers aint so soft, either.