Goodwood 2016

This years Goodwood Revival was a strange affair in that the theme was the World Cup 1966 (Yawn 50 years ago and the footy fans still consider it "hurt"ful that England haven’t won since - boo bloody hoo -).

There was a lot more folk dressed in WW2 uniform which is not really what the revival is all about. Yes the place came into existence because of the R.A.F. building an air station there, and yes it is 75 years since the Long Range Desert Group were formed and out of them came the S.A.S. but the Revival is supposed to be about more than WW2, it is about everything up to the year the race circuit was closed in 1966.

There were many well turned out civilians and some sumptuous cars but it all seemed a bit "flat".
Many of the old favourites seemed to be missing this year: The Mods and Rockers were absent as was the 1960's Tesco’s shop with everything repackaged in old school - Snickers in Marathon Bar wrappers - Oh YES! - But that wasn’t there - Boo!

The Air show was very minimal too. Thumper from the BBMF was accompanied by an early Spitfire and Hurricane, but they just went around and around the periphery of the circuit, as did the Blenheim and its accompanying Spitfire and P51D.
And that was it.
No aerobatics, no low and fast crowd-line runs, nothing actually within the bounds of the circuit itself.

Anyway, here are the photos. First the aircraft....

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