Friday, 23 June 2017

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Its been too long

Blimey it has been a while since I posted.
I finished on Sniper 4 a looooong time ago and have been working on two other projects.
The first was running concurrently with Sniper and that was to help Gelato FX use our Asura game engine to produce over 160 shot and three hours of television footage for National Geographics second series of WWII's Greatest Raids. It has not been aired yet so there is next to no info on the internet at the moment. I believe it is due out in America in the autumn of 2017.
The next project was Rogue Trooper Redux and I have been working on it for well over six months now. Since the game has been announced I can say that art wise we are nearly complete and one heeeeeell of a lot of work has gone into it in a very little time. By the end of June I will be on a new project. As ever in the games world I wont be able to tell you what it is until it is officially announced. If it is the one I am hoping for all I can say is I am very excited at the prospect.

Once I get permission to use the images I'll add some images for Sniper 4. Then in a while I'll be able to put up Rogue Trooper images.

See you soon!